Indian Maids Tortured, Denied Food, Treated Worse Than Dogs, Want to go Home

Close on the heels of the Indian embassy suspending attestation of visas for housemaids, two maids yesterday sought the mission’s intervention for their repatriation.

The two, who came separately in a gap of one hour, said they had left their respective employers’ homes after they were brutally assaulted by members of the houses. One even bore swollen marks on her forearm and leg, which, she alleged, had occurred after sponsor’s family members hit her with hot iron.

The other complained that she was not given food for two days and was subjected to severe beating by a member of the family, where she worked.

Mary Theresa, and Venkatalakshmi, hailing from Andhra Pradesh, have come to Qatar over three months ago. They could speak only in their mother tongue, Telugu. They said they had received only one month’s salary so far. Their salary, said an embassy official, was much less than the minimum salary for maids (QR600) set by the mission while attesting their visas.

Venkatalakshmi said she had come to Qatar on a visa arranged by a relative. She said she had to seek an employment in Qatar to support the medical treatment of her five-year-old son, who is suffering from a cardiac ailment.

Mary said she had paid Rs50,000 to an agent in Hyderabad for the visa. She has three children and husband to support in her native village in West Godavari district. One of her sons suffers from a neuro-related disorder.

Embassy officials took the maids to Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) for a medical check-up.
Indian Ambassador George Joseph said both have been sent to the deportation centre on their request.
The embassy has also informed the Foreign Ministry about the maltreatment of the two by their sponsors.

Of late, there has been a spate of complaints of harassment and physical assault at the Indian mission lodged by housemaids. Estimates put the number of Indian housemaids working in Qatar at about 10,000.

Source: Gulf Times Comments: Meet the Qatari people.... so wonderful. Ahhh.. the world is watching


to(why the greed) very nice

to(why the greed) very nice words man, I hope they would also understand the situation the way you do..good luck

Why the greed?

The question arises in young minds today in Europe, USA, Africa, and especially the middle east is why can't Arabs ever have enough? I will explain in detail what i mean.. In countries such as the United States of America a lot of corruption exists, and so does greed. You have sick minded people, and show offs and people who just do not give a shit... these traits exists in all communities, societies, and governments but the difference with the Arab countries is that when it comes to greed, they have no limits. For example in the western countries, and even in third world Asian countries people help people when needed and give the people the right to vote, to become a citizen, and to be an active member of society. Me being a foreign Arab living in Qatar, i do not have these simple basic rights. My question is why are all countries willing to share their wealth and kindness but not Arabs? Qatar has done good things but has done much more bad stuff and has the potential to do much more good yet they do not do that.. This worldly life has let many Arabs to focus on their desires, and forget what is important.. As an Arab Muslim i am ashamed to say that we have created the most racist societies full of hate, and ignorance... we have departed from our religion and all what is tied to logic. I ask Q-tel which is the only Telecommunications company in Doha to stop blocking this site so they can get the real picture of what is happening in Qatar..lets not run away from the truth.. We are not here to insult Qatar for no reason but to create an improved Qatar for the both the Qatari people and the foreigners and the government.

Hadith of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

Our Prophet said... u must pay labour his due before his sweat dries... he was very kind to his servants and to those who were week in the socirty... its not right for a muslim to do unjustice ... Allah is the sear and hearer of all the deeds we do and we shall be answerable to HIM on the day of judgement... Muslims today are weak and frustrated so they are taking it out on the innocent and weak ,,, if u got guts face the world...

Qatar is biggest rock on cuntry is bigger rock than Qatar...we rock...please pack bag, go house no welcome for u...goodbye...

I don't like the tone

Resolution of the obvious problems in Qatari society will not be achieved until bigotry and racism are eliminated by ALL sides. Most posts are written by people whose first language is not english so some leeway must be given. Without a doubt Qatari people need ex-pats for their society to function. As a female ex-pat worker I saw things during my time in Doha that sucked the air out of my lungs. I am powerless to affect change in this country. It makes me value even more my NZ/egalitarian upbringing. But I won't forget the wrongs I saw (kiwis are like that!).... and 1 day I will work for Amnesty International. Remember that corrupt govts ALLOW their people to be exploited at home and abroad. India, Pakistan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Syria, Sri Lanka, The Philippines, Bangladesh(to name a few) BE WARNED: your people and the world are watching.Not everybody turns a blind eye and pretty soon people such as myself will outnumber those who exploit. So be warned

Wait everybody ... ! We got off at the wrong airport!!!

This is going to come as a dreadful shock to you all, but allow me to quote a little section from the Qatar Airways inflight magazine... "Upon entering Qatar, it would be impossible for the visitor to feel alienated - the generosity and hospitality of the Qataris can be felt everywhere. This atmosphere is a reflection of their strong bond with their homeland, traditions and culture." (Oryx: page 124, Aug 07)

This place sounds great!

Anyone care to join me in moving to Qatar?!


Funny when when I see people like you talk about my country this way! you are nothing!! we pay you money to do the dirty work so why don't you people shut the fuck up and do your work, or get the hell out of our country!!

we actually hate you people we really do!! but the only reason we have you its cause we don't clean toilets and we don't get our hands dirty!


Don't forget you need expats to also do the skilled jobs that qataris in general cant' do due to lack of education and laziness.

A message For "Who you people thing you?!"

You are arrogant as well as ignorant. Most of the foreign workers in Qatar would love to "get the hell out" of your backwards shithole country but most are not allowed to leave. Their passports are taken away from them upon arrival and may not be returned to them even after completion of their contracts. Why else would they stay? to be treated like slaves by lazy arrogant assholes and get paid next to nothing. Not a good deal for anyone. If everyone was free to leave there would not be anyone left to "clean toilets". Nothing would get done; Qatari’s would be living in tents and shitting in the sand. There would be no toilets to clean. The feeling is mutual "we actually hate you people we really do!!"

the truth about qatar part 2

Abu Dhabi has started to protect it's poor and vulnerable people by forcing companies to pay labourers by cheque so that they can monitor who is in breach of rules. Qatari's - learn from abu dhabi and take care of asian workers.

the truth about qatar

Kuwait was the most arrogant arab nation and god punished them. Saddam was arrogant and god punished him.
Similarly, qatar is arrogant and gods punishement is on the way. They are trying to buy their way out of trouble by acquiring western assets, but god hanged saddam and qatari's here is your warning : better behave before you are forced to suffer a similar fate like kuwait and saddam. we in the west are watching you