Affidavit Details of Horrific Abuse & Rape of Virgin Filipina in Lovely Qatar

What follows is part of an affidavit from the Filipina victim in this case. It should be noted, beforehand, that the information detailed is upsetting. However, it is necessary to publish in order to gain an understanding of the widespead lack of human decency shown towards certain nationalities in Qatar. We are pleased to be able to give this young woman a voice.

Sometime in April 2005, my father suffered a second stroke and was unable to work since then. I wanted to be able to work in Oman in order to care and provide for my parents as I did not want them to return to the Philippines. This prompted me to seek for any job placement for Oman.Sometime in May 2005, I read Jinhel International Recruitment Agency’s (hereinafter, “Jinhel”) Manila Bulletin advertisement for job placements in countries in the Middle East. I immediately placed a call in the telephone number contained in the ad.

After one week, I went to Jinhel’s office and paid P3,000.00 for my medical exam.I was assured of a job placement in Qatar so I decided to resign from my work as Guidance Counselor in Systems Plus Computer College in Caloocan City.I went L-R Medical & X-ray Clinic. I paid P2,730.00. Then Jinhel called in March 2006. I was told to prepare as I was sure to be sent for work in Qatar. I paid Jinhel Five Thousand Pesos (P5,000.00) to Haja Fatima as payment, she said, for her services.

Jinhel and I agreed on the following terms of my employment in Qatar: monthly salary of QD700; work is to take care of a five (5)-year old child; the first two (2) months’ salary will go to Jinhel as its commission.

At the airport, iside the immigration, we were asked to pay One Thousand Five Hundred Pesos each (P1,500.00) each, unreceipted. We were previously advised by Nelia to prepare the said amount.

I arrived in Qatar on June 8, 2006. At the airport, I was met by Faruq, a Pakistani National who introduced himself to be from Al Waleed Agency – Jinhel’s Qatari counterpart agency. Faruq asked me to sign a contract with the following terms: monthly salary of QR600; work is all-around with no day-off.

Mr. Faruq brought me to my employer, Dr. Abdul Aziz Al Jumiah (hereinafter, “Dr. Abdul Aziz”). I came to know that Dr. Abdul Aziz is a Saudi National and a surgeon at the AL Ramelah Hamad Hospital. His wife was then pregnant and they had a five (5)-year old son.

My employers’ house is located inside a gated subdivision. It is a two-storey, six-bedroom house with five comfort rooms and a garden. I worked from 5:00 in the morning until about 1:00 or 2:00 the next morning as I was not allowed to sleep while my employers’ child was up. And since the child was asleep most of the time during the day, he usually went to bed past midnight.

Within a week’s time, Mrs. Abdul Aziz (I only know her as Madam Dina) started to maltreat me. Mrs. Abdul Aziz was very strict and very sensitive to dirt. Whenever she was not satisfied with my cleaning, she would pull my hair and would order to do the cleaning all over again. The house had big windows that I had to climb each time.

One time, I unintentionally overcooked the bread I was cooking. For this, she slapped me.On the second or third week, my ward, Faisal, hit me with the telephone apparatus.
One time, they brought me along to a mall. At the mall, a fellow Filipina saw the “bukol” in my head. She gave me telephone numbers at the Philippine Embassy and OWWA’s, should I decide to run away from my employers.

Sometime in June (after about 2 week-stay in Qatar), I called the Philippine Embassy and I was able to talk to one Mr. Jack. I told him about my situation but, in return, he coldly told me: ”Hindi pa naman grabe ang nangyayari sa yo. Tapusin mo na yang 2 years mo.” He also gave me Overseas Workers Welfare Administration’s (OWWA) telephone number.

In the last week of June, I called OWWA and talked to one Mr. Sam to whom I repeated my story. He told me: “Tumakas ka na kung ayaw mo na. Lumabas ka at sumakay sa taxi.”
On 14 September 2006, I was at the kitchen while Madam Dina was upstairs taking a bath, when Dr. Abdul Aziz arrived from the office. He suddenly embraced me and touched my breasts. I pushed him and told him that I would report to his wife. He just gave me a devil’s grin. When Madam Dina came down, I told her about what her husband did to me. But Madam Dina slapped me and blamed me for what had happened.

On the same day of September 14, 2006, Dr. Abdul Aziz asked for the key in my room. He ordered me not to lock my room from then on. I became so scared that I started to use the table in my room to block the door. I also kept a knife in my room.
On the third week of September, I again called OWWA. I told them about the harassment but I was given the same advice – to run away! I again requested that I be fetched or rescued but I was given the same answer – that OWWA does not rescue workers.At around midnight on 02 November 2006, Madam Dina gave birth. He was brought to the hospital by Dr. Abdul Aziz. At about past 4:00 in the morning of 03 November 2006, I heard Dr. Abdul Aziz’ car arrive. I was then taking a shower. I got out of the bathroom. I just finished putting on my uniform when Dr. Abdul Aziz banged the door in my room. I was so shocked. Then Dr. Abdul Aziz immediately twisted my hands, laid me on the bed and tied my two hands on the bed using some cloth. He forcibly tore my clothes then raped me.

I pleaded and begged him not to do it. It hurt. I felt that his penis was so big and I almost lost consciousness. He did a withdrawal and sprayed his sperms on my chest. After that, he untied me. Then I saw that I was bleeding. I was so weak and almost went blank. I thought of the knife but I could not think or move.After what he did, I even saw him pray the Muslim prayer. Then I heard his car leave. I checked if he left any door unlocked. All doors/gates were locked. I was still bleeding.
At about 7:00 or 8:00 in the morning, I saw the window in my comfort room. I jumped out of that window. Luckily, Lorna was then working in our neighbor’s garden. She told me to look for chairs I can step on. As I was jumping to our neighbor’s garden, Lorna saw that I was bleeding.

Lorna let me out of her employer’s yard through their gate. But there were guards and so Lorna hid me behind a tree. We had to wait until the next prayer time at 11:00 in the morning. When she saw the guards entered their prayer house, Lorna advised me to run.
I hailed the taxi. I saw that it had passengers but I later learned that the taxi driver, a Filipino, saw me bleeding and so he stopped the taxi. “From the taxi, the driver placed call to the Philippine Embassy.

When we arrived at the embassy, there was a party which I later learned was a party for Connie Sison and TJ Manotoc for their Kwentong Disyerto. There were media people at the embassy. The driver called Mr. Sam to inform him that we were already outside the embassy. Mr. Sam got out and even saw the blood on my body. He did not invite us in. He just told the driver to proceed and take me to OWWA. The driver even repeated that I was bleeding but Mr. Sam insisted that I be taken to OWWA.

When we got to OWWA, there was an ongoing ballroom dancing. We were asked who we were looking for. The taxi driver was making a call to Mr. Sam in order to ask who we would look for but he was not yet responding. We waited for two hours.

After two hours (or about 9:00 at night of November 3, 2006), one Sir Levi arrived at the OWWA from the embassy. He led me to a quarter that they call “shelter” inside the OWWA. I saw many (about 30) Filipino women inside the quarter .

On the night of November 3, Connie Sison’s group also proceeded to OWWA from the embassy. Sir Levi told the leader to hide those who needed to be hid including myself because I did not look good and I was hysterical. Out of the 30 plus women, only 15 were presented to Connie Sison’s group. I later learned that they were introduced as Filipinos studying computer inside the OWWA.

I stayed in OWWA the whole day of November 4, 2006. We were fed “lugaw”. No one counseled me. I was not checked up or brought to the hospital.

On the night of November 4, 2006, Ma’am Ferida without first talking to me or asking me, called my employer. At about 8:00 in the morning the following day, my employer came. He was first attended to by Sir Levi. He was asked if I was his employee. They were later joined by Ma’am Ferida. They then invited me to sit down with them inside Ma’am Ferida and Sir Levi’s office. The door of the office was left open.

I was angry at the sight of my employer-rapist. But I could not do anything because Ma’am Ferida and Sir Levi facilitated the negotiation. I was asked not to file charges against my employer. In return, my employer would give me my five (5) months salary, a plane ticket to the Philippines as well as return my personal belongings that I left at their house when I escaped. I was made to write and sign a waiver which I worded as follows: “I will not file charges against my employer, the rape case, although it happened.”

In the morning of November 6, Sir Levi called me and gave me a plane ticket. I asked him about my personal belongings and the agreed 5 months salary that my employer would return. He said my employer only gave the ticket. I insisted, at the very least, on my things, but he said “Mamili ka. Uuwi ka or made-deport ka? Basta’s kailangan ko ng sagot mo hanggang 3:00 dahil alis tayo ng 3:30.” I cried and demanded for my things but he said ”Wala akong magagawa.” I had no choice but to agree.

Sir Levi and I left OWWA for the airport at 3:30 in the afternoon. But before leaving, I got my mobile phone that was earlier confiscated by Ma’am Ferida. I was penniless. I was not even given any money for snacks or any emergency.

At about 6:00 p.m., I boarded the plane for the Philippines. I arrived in the Philippines in November 7, 2006 where I was brought to hospitals by my family.
Not one from OWWA of the Department of Foreign Affairs assisted me in the Philippines. comments: The above story is far from an isolated case. There are thousands and thousands of others out there being maltreated and dehumanized without fear of justice. This website is dedicated to all the victims and we want to give you a voice.


I wish they would stop going....

Stories like this are horrendous. I just wish that people would stop going to work there as maids! Even in India it is very risky to work as a maid. I have many family members who hire maids, and they treat them fine, they don't abuse them. But there are many families where abuse goes on, even rape. So at least, coming from India, I don't think anyone should be naive enough to think going to work somewhere as a maid - and somewhere where you have no family - would be safe! But I don't know if the recruiters are painting such pictures that they truly think the treatment will be better. I wonder if they just never hear the stories because people don't come back to India, stuck there in Qatar. Most everyone from my home state knows someone who is working in the Middle-East, I have 2 cousins out there myself. But I wonder if the stories aren't getting back, or if they just think it's all going to be fine. People may hide the stories of abuse from shame, and because they feel trapped anyhow.


I have offer from qatar - no way i am going now.


Do not fear..

To all Filipinos like me working in middle east, never be engulf in fear. if we show them that we are afraid, the more they will take advantage. Im currently working here in saudi and same in other countries, there are some bad people but there are also good ones who really love to work with filipinos rather than other nationalities. and to those OWWA representative that was mentioned in the letter, my middle finger will extend for you. if you did not ignore her from the first place, she will not experience these terrible things. you are just retards trying to earn money without any concerns for the other's well being. these people will not come in this countries if the have a good life. i am hoping that someday you will be paying for all the negligence you have done to our country men. Hoping you will have a slow and very painful death.

No Fear

I commend you on your words and defense of the Philippine people. I agree the the so called Embassy officials with their better than yu attitude SUCK. But to say that Qatar is bad, try Kuwait. The philippine Embassy does absolutely NOTHING for the people there. The concern for people is lacking, care is not there. Hell, if a woman or man gets injured or GOD FORBIT RAPED and they need to leave the country, it is nothing but a hassle and they ship you to a detention center to wait. I can't believe that the president of the Philippines would allow his Embassies to be so. Maybe he does not know. it is known that the Government agencies in the Philippines do not communicate.

Yes, someday he will get his just rewards. When he goes to to Lord and the lord tells him, to get out and rot in HELL.

MOTHER Movement

In 1999, the Movement to Help Eradicate Rape.. (MOTHER) was launched in the middle east. Based on the principle that self-defense is an instinct that needs to be developed, the mission of MOTHER is to empower women and the youth to be able to defend themselves in the face of an imminent danger.

for the past 12 years, MOTHER has a pending bill in the House of Representatives and a corresponding bill in the Senate mandating that, among others, to have women going abroad take up the self-defense training in their Pre-departure orientation seminars. (this does not have to be martial arts; it's just the instinctive reaction/reflexes; preparedness, buy time, etc.) Despite the urgency and gravity of the situation, for the past 12 years, the bill is just gathering dusts in the shelves and index cabinets.

We need to act together. We invite members to the international MOTHER Movement. We will be organizing the first international conference on self-protection. For further information, pls. email us at

MOTHER Movement

Qatar should be the next domino..........

For those teachers who have posted comment here. Most of the teachers there mostly those from britain are not qualified to teach, they were either cashier from tesco or working at music shops. At AlMaha school, run by pakis and most of the teachers there are as ignorant as the qataris. Iqra school is not any better, full of shit at both schools. but if you know the head master, you can land any position you like and a nice fully furnished flat as well. those pakis are as corrupt in qatar as they are in uk. STAY AWAY FROM AL MAHA, IQRA....


Is Qatar the next Domino to fall

Hey there, I'm

Hey there, I'm Thai-Australian moving to Qatar with my Aussie husband. Like most expats, purely for the money cos everything else there is shit. I just wanted to say that I've read so many if these stories about the house maids and labourers not been given a fair go and it's sickening. I wonder if these heartless people ever stop to think what would ever happen if it were their wives or daughters subjected to shit like this? But I guess it wouldn't matter to them anyway, they would blame the women. So much for Islam being the religion not based on violence. So far all these stories are showing is that it's a religion based on "acts of hypocritism and selfishness". And to pray right after doing a wrong deed like rape, adultry (which she would have been justified on killing him for), drinking and smoking then simple say a pray and ASSUME that you'd be forgiven for it? Oh heeeeeell No! There is a special level and gate in Islamic he'll for hypocrites and it's written in the books. I hope purgatory doesn't go easy for malevolent in humane beings such as these. And the worst thing about all this is that they will Smile at you like jackals while they eat your babies alive. And can't see their forrest from the trees or smell their own shit from their knees. Hate people who just wanna live in their own bubble and see, hear and believe what they just wanna believe. Even if it's pure logic staring them in the face. No wonder they need expats, cos they can't deal with the real world it's too "hard". Now I'm just ranting lol. Been living in Dubai long enough to see any cracks in the foundations of the GCC. My husband has dealt with sheiks and not all but most are just petulant children who never learnt any manners, common sense, emotional intelligence or to co-operate with the others.


I think the Filipino officials must be condemn and must not come in the Philippines. The Filipina was raped. Did they do somEthing to prevent it? No. Bastards . tHAT SAUDI NATIONAL IS ALSO A BASTARD AND NEED TO SLICE HIS HEAD in order to know that he did inhuman.
For the officials there, mga gago kayo. Wag na kayong mag represent ng mga Filipino diyan kung di nyo tutulungan. Mga tarantado kayo.

Kung ako na Presidente. Dapta bitayin mga yan para wag ng pamarisan .


Yes correct, the (all) embassies usually are interested only in parties, orgies and nice uniforms/clothes. I even never have seen a good dog in their compound.
Once I experienced that an embassy propagated that in time of urgent repatriation (governement coup) we could buy a ticket with them. The ticket was almost 40% more expensive then at the travel agent and when I phoned them it seemed that they had left the country already 48 hrs in advance.
Bunch of useless overpaid underdeveloped peebrains.


I am living in working in dubai. I am pakistani and going to marry a Filipina soon. I am really so sad to read all these stories. I have a more respect for filipinas for their loyalty and their work. I am proud of them. And I pray for all of Filipinas working abroad. I was thinking maybe your embassies and counsaltes were helping but here the things are the opposite.

May God Help you all of You...


hello Imran balochi im from

hello Imran balochi im from philippines very soon to deliver my baby with my husband pakistani i read your message im thankfull for a people like you and im happy you are pakistani im also worker in dubai we met each other in dubai.hopefully a very happy family for you and your wife god bless.

catherine sayco philippines

I thinks it's all over GCC..

I'm working in Kuwait for 6 years now and everything single thing you said about Qatar and the Qtaris are the same here from the ground up..
We are from a third world country and we have no choice but to bite our lips and let them get away with it coz we either lose our job or live with it..and our country can't and won't do anything about it.Hope someday things change...
I love your site...cheers

This is really sad...

This is really very sad, but not an isolated case. I am in Dubai, and had heard and witnessed a lot of maltreatments towards filipinos and other expatriates by khalijis. Though at some point, Filipinos are highly respected when it comes to work performance, but when it comes to outside career life, filipinas as not that being respected. a lot of people like filipinas, but they are not respected. They see filipinas as sexual objects, but sometimes we can't blame them as well, since some of our fellow filipinas here play the role. Most of these ladies, are being ruled out by greed, and wants easy kind of life... They'd rather jump into a relationship to avoid hardship in life. They didn't realize that this becomes a stigma for all of us here. So life is really hard, but we can survive it, as long as we believe in ourselves and not rely on other people. And we should always put in mind, that to be able to uplift the life and moral respect towards us, we should give ourselves respect and throw some to others. It will all start from within...

Rowena from Dubai

Ms. Rowena, You have a

Ms. Rowena,
You have a point, but we can't say or comment on their behalf. we don't know what they have encounter or live in life. In point don't misjudge everyone with a relationship with other nationality. I'm a filipino, of course i also felt guilt and ashame with all this. Pero hindi mo parin masabi na Rule out of greed na kung bakit nagka ganun sila, hindi natin alam anong pinagdaanan nila.

Rammil also from Dubai

Feel sorry

Hello sister, i am muslim and i feel really shame and feel so bad, may God bless you. i want to say sorry from all of our community as i always think you like my sis.

I have seen this once in Qatar

I have seen this once in Qatar while I lived there. Luckily our friend, the filipina, called myself and a friend. We told her to lock herself in the bathroom then headed to her house. On the way we called a friend in CID and escorted her away with her things. Three weeks later we had her out of the country. The only thing that saved her was a good hearted Qatari that was high enough in the family to support us.

If any filipina out there reads this remember that Saudi's are not highly regarded in Qatar. Seek help from the CID, they are usually high up in the families and will not tolerate mistreatment. Police officers are usually Sudanese, and won't help as easily.

I wonder how some Qataris

I wonder how some Qataris were able to post comments in this site when a CAPTCHA math question is required?

Although this is very bad,

Although this is very bad, but I have heard of even worse stories.
All my sympathy to the victim.

Republished Comments and Reactions to this Event

Qataris, Khalijis and Filipinos complicit in the case
Submitted by Completely Anonymous on Wed, 2007-05-09 09:35.

This is sadly a common case. The Philippines is dependent on the funds that foreign workers send home to the Philippines, and therefore both the Philippine Embassy and the OWWA refuse to bring up any cases against Arab employers, for fear of jeopardizing further employment of Filipino workers. The Philippine embassy and the OWWA place money over human dignity. They should be ashamed of themselves.

Of course, what nobody mentions is the maltreatment of Filipinos, Nepalese, Palestinians, Egyptians, Pakistanis, Indians, etc. at the hands of their Khaliji (Gulf Arab) employers. We have all come to expect Khalijis to act barbaric, and we are not surprised when they act as such. Of course, we as expatriates have no recourse. I am aware of at least one case where a Palestinian was imprisoned for two weeks because he refused to relinquish his parking spot to a Qatari teenager. Another case involves a Filipina who was killed by a Qatari teenager in a hit-and-run incident, and the culprit was not punished.

We as expatriates in Qatar have learned that we can do nothing about these injustices. We can go to the police or hire a lawyer, but in the end, the tribal law rules here - which puts Qataris first, Khalijis second, and all other people are scum. Qataris and Khalijis can do whatever they wish to expatriates. They can go so far as kill an expatriate with little fear of punishment.

Such is Qatar. The world should know. All this talk about Qatar being a progressive society and a beacon of hope in the Middle East is just smoke and mirrors.

Kudos to the owners of this site for your courage and your initiative. You have many supporters out here.

This goes on allover GCC countries without adequet punishment
Submitted by samdee on Wed, 2007-06-06 07:33.

It seems that some people in this world have s sick perception of Filipinos and Filipinas particularly, I have been gathering information from allover GCC countries of similar cases, needless to say, Filipinas today are the victims of the new slavery era, victimized in many ways, mentally, physically, food deprivation, and why? This is my question......who is to blame for this?
Why do they think they can get away with this? Is the representative office of Philippines in the GCC countries has become the silent devil??
Is it the laws in the Philippines that allow underage girls to travel to this zoo like part of the world.
Is it an education issue that needs to be rectified? Awareness about other cultures and peoples motivations.
This is my opinion:
Awareness first: we cannot stop Filipinos from seeking employments allover this part of the world, but we can provide them with data and statistics of previous cases of abuse and Rape especially, therefore they will be armed with knowledge and build a guard around them self’s, also I think this part of the world has exposed Filipinas to various my opinion this is the root of the problem.
Discrimination second:
I agree we should think that we are all equal on this earth, but also we must separate our self’s from the lonely, Non God believers, Monkey and Cow worshipers that have no compaction for no one other than them self’s.
Hold accountable third:
All must be held accountable for their actions, this is not an easy task, but it can be done, including the foreign office of Philippines government that have been watching these unfair, unjust treatments, they should speak out and protect their citizens.
Seek advocates fourth:
I am quite sure that there are many people that are willing to participate and various levels to finally put an end to this modern day slavery in this part of the world, I am willing to spend as much time and efforts to provide educational materials, knowledge of cultures, and 10 step protection manual to every Filipino traveling to this part of the world.
I can go on all-day with this subject, but I will stop now...By the way I am in Dubai and I would like to establish a non profit organization to help the battered and abuse Philippines ASAP.
May Godless